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| Aug 19, 2009

a picture is worth a thousand words
- a picture tells a story just as well as a large amount of descriptive text

the canon-mic blog
- simple but never the simply

maybe most of you wonder why do I put Canon as the prefix.
it's because my first camera is Canon branded and there's non-other brand I feel comfortable with although I've used quite a lot camera before (as I'm a camera sales promoter).

for me, every camera has its own quality but the best thing is it fits you and your needs.

in this photography world, my bRO inspired me a lot by teaching me about shutter speed at first. starting from that moment, I have my passion in photography. my cameras are given by my generous bRO.

some of you might think that you need a DSLR to step in this photography thingy, but you are wrong in that way as even camera phone can do the same thing. as I've said before, it depends on your needs.

I am starting this as I'm discovering my skills in photography. You might think that you're good (for you're having better camera / experiences / older / more qualified with accredited certificates) but guys, YOU'RE WRONG !

I know I'm not the best but this is me. I am mICHaeL.

- simple but never the simply -

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