mE class #1

| Aug 22, 2009

as y'all don't know, I am having my co-curricular subject this semester.

guess what subject I'm taking.

nopz, not that sexual thingy..

nah.. that's not true wei~ not the gay stuffs...

ya ! you.. it's you.. don't look at others. you ! repeat it.. CORRECT ! it's the GNEK1037 Photography !

I thought I was good before but 'someone' proved me WRONG ! That's why I'm starting this blog to warn you guys whoever think he is good. wahahaz~

saying, "you're wrong, Mic.. and you're out !"

he's my photography lecturer, Mr. Lat. But guys, I believe everyone has different ideas and perspective on a thing/photo. hahaz.. but still, some others' perspectives are acceptable. -.-"

ok, for the #1 class, he taught us to take portrait photo of our classmate as a model of the day.
these are some of the photos I've captured:

#1 knowing nothing about what to do at first..

#2 he seemed like.. ehem~ hehez..

#3 then he shoots it ! (don't simply think eh~)

#4 mdoel classmate, here's the camera, say cheese !

#5 then, lecturer asked for a couple photo !

my photo aren't the best but I am pleased if you guys willing to comment on it or give me any brilliant ideas. =)
my lecturer commented that I'm lack communication with the subject. I think maybe I'm not attractive enough to attract her as his boyfriend is there. -.-"
and yet the situation was like this during that photo shooting ...

I was sitting beside. So, you guys know why I'm lack of communication with the subject?
it's because everyone is calling her. And that's why all the model shooting courses limit their photographers' participation. hahaz...

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