mE class #2

| Aug 22, 2009

today's class is special as we're having an outdoor photo shooting at our Varsity Lake. Moreover, it's more convenient for me to walk there as it's nearer (it's just opposite of my college.. hehez.. ) Proudly, I brought my beauty 400D along there.

after a few shots, my battery flat. -.-" I run back to my college to get another battery pack (luckily, I have quite lots of batteries.. ). When I'm there again, classmates started to take photos while I'm blank. -.-" What I heard from others about the topic today is "erm.. take a photo of model with background blur blur de lor.. "

Then, I start my works.. lalalaa...

whenever there's someone posing, we shot it !

then Avex teaching them how to pose.. -.-" but it's a good pose indeed.. hahaz..

a successful pose emulation.. hahaz..

this is the other model
(I wonder how they come out with sunglasses ar.. )

this is another one..

then, pose at other view..

after that, lecturer found that her hair doesn't seductive enough.. hahaz...

model changed to





last but not least with a jump shot !

today's lesson was quite tiring but it's worth it. Comments are welcomed and guys, there's more to come. =)

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IchibanSheng said...

i missed this class, lol.

seems you guys are having fun ^^

mICHaeL said...

fun but tired.. hahaz..

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