mE outing #1

| Sep 14, 2009

it's my 1st photography outing here ! thanks to sylvia for inviting me, letting me get to know more photographers. thanks everyone for teaching and giving advise. =)

learnt a lot of skills especially the lighting part.. hahaz.. reflector !

models: esther and yeemun
make-up: sylvia and duquesne
photographers: eric, pang, james, ks, ethan, ypfui, and mE !

date : 6th Sept. 2009
Central Park

this dog is 'rented' during the photoshooting.. hehez.. [actually there's dog's test held there at that time]

i was supposed to work that day but my bRO just being to nice.. wahahaz..
yes, one more thing I learnt that day is most photographers have Multiply account ! So do I.. wahahaz.. for more photos !

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