400D parts for SALE !

| Apr 15, 2010

since last year, i've been a Canon 400D user as it was given by my bRO.

but there's a day which is just few weeks before. it gives me problem by not giving me any chance to turn it on. So, i've decided to send her to 'clinic'.

after 1 week, SMS from the Canon service centre is received, required my permission to 'operate' her. but things does not always go as planned/dreamed. my financial status is not supporting me as it requires MYR1200++ to have it functional.

i'm gonna put it in a box for now.. sigh~

talked with my bRO, i've decided to sell my 400D parts. because he said: "its time, bRO. upgrade laaa... "

so, that's why i'm selling my camera parts, but for those who loves to collect camera even if it is faulty. do tell me. we can have some talk. =) coz it is still a Japan-made gadget ! hahaz...

some of the camera parts are new !

for the 1st item - USED Canon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 Lens

it comes with a *new [just bought a new one before CNY] UV filter + lens hood
the lens has no scratch till now as it's is well-taken care of ! =)

*RM300 negotiable !



for the 2nd item - USED Canon Battery Grip BG-E3

of all, i loves this part the most as it makes my 400D looked gigantic ! i bought it on July 2009. and it is still under warranty as i haven fill in the warranty card ! hahaz.. btw, the box is still new.

it comes along battery magazine BGM-E3L and NEW [never use this] battery magazine (for AA size batteries) BGM-E3A

*RM380 negotiable !
*RM500 negotiable ! comes with 4 original Canon batteries BP-2L5 [for which i bought RM180 each before.. =="]





for the 3rd item - USED Canon 400D battery pack BP-2L5

i don't buy compatible battery for DSLR and yes, it is made-in-JAPAN !

*RM60 each negotiable !
*RM200 for 4 batteries negotiable !


can you spot the "made in Japan" ?

for the 4th item - USED Compact Flash card

*RM50 for 4GB PenDrive with 66x negotiable

*RM50 also for 2GB SanDisk Ultra II negotiable
[wanted to know the difference? Google it ! btw, i found the other site selling 4GB for higher price, mudah.my]


for the 5th item - USED Canon 400D camera charger

i'm not going to sell it with the cable as the cable can be found anywhere and i wanted to use that cable for my Canon printer. ^^

*RM100 negotiable ! [ok, you try to see how much others are selling here. hehez..]


ok, maybe i've missed out some parts of the camera like the battery cover or the DSLR bag. You may ask me for that particular item. If you're really interested in buying these USED Canon items, email me at 8845michael@gmail.com or just leave a comment here.

all types of selling are welcomed : COD or delivery.

and everyone, cheers for the incoming more advance DSLR ! yeah~

- Canon, delighting you always -


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Zi Sheng said...

which one are u changing to?

engtaukia said...

not so sure yet.. either 50D or 550D.. hahaz.. which one u're using?

Eoghan said...

Hey :)
love the blog.
Its a pity about the camera though.
I am interested in the broken camera and id love to buy it off you for a small amount. I would offer RM150 (i think this is correct when converted to euro) plus shipping costs :)
what do you say?

engtaukia said...

@Eoghan - thanks for viewing. sorry for d camera as i've sold most of it. =)
anyway, u're canon lover? LOL

Eoghan said...

youve sold most of the actual camera body? (i only want the body :))
Absolutely! i have a 500D(great camera), 20D and a 400d :)

engtaukia said...

@eoghan - yea.. 500D indeed is a good ca. =) i used it for my fren's weddin.. can video somemore..

i've sold most d camera parts including d body.. hahaz.. sorry for tat.. >.<

Eoghan said...

yeah its pretty cool :) the video is nice although i rarely use it, nice to have though :D

no problemmo! keep up the good work! :D

Zi Sheng said...

Oh i am using the 5Dmkii

kellaw said...

is the grip sold?

engtaukia said...

body, batt grip, lens, 2batts, and hood !

CF card, charger and 2batts

thanks for viewing =)

ayhacahaya said...

nice :)

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