Light Graffiti

| May 21, 2010

the very first time i hold a DSLR, my bRO said,  "everything that you have to know first in handling this super camera is all about the shutter speed". thus i start with that !

shutter control is a great start but why ?
for me, it's because it controls the picture motion - if you understand what i'm saying here rather than the brightness which is quite a general term.

people nowadays play shutter in a lot of way especially in a way that capture a still image that express motion or something like ghostly-look or light-equipped image.

from that instance, i fall for DSLR for its capabilities and of coz there are more function that relates for a better image.
and here, i would like to share some photos i have it before. =)

this is the first light graffiti i ever make and i made it alone with tripod and accompany by a friend aside. hahaz..
with only a tochlight, tripod and shutter-adjustable camera !

then, this is the first lightning i ever take coincidently at Kuching Waterfront with my bRO !

this is somehow everyone loves to take ! traffic's beauty ~

this is the ghostly-motion still image at the tip of Borneo, Sabah !
with the help of remote ~ yeah !

shutter lovers, let's make the photography world different in a better and more creative way ! =)

Canon - delighting you always ^^

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