a wedding in March

| Jun 5, 2010

26th March 2010

it's the date that my sifu a.k.a step bRO, who got married on this date, entering another phase of his life and laughing at my bRO for not getting married yet. =.=

i was in KL having my mid-term that time but has to rush back to KCH on 25th night and prepare for the 26th then return to KL for my Energizer Night Marathon at 27th. 

so, you should know how tired i am at that particular week ! --> @.@
anyway, it was my first wedding photo shoot. although it's tiring but it's worth it coz feel like being more and more pro in photography.

i was using Canon 500D with the Sigma 18-200mm lens and played with its video function. tell you guys what, the video function of it was SUPERB ! but gotta owez prepare few more extra memory cards. hahaz.. i brought 24GB and it's FULLED.

cut the craps and have few shots and a video. =)

ok, last but not least, it is us who make the marriage merrier ! XD

feel free to drop comments, be it constructive or destructive coz i'm still in the learning process. =)

Canon, delighting you always ! hahaz...

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..*AnNiE*.. said...

Hey..I love the video you make!Touching lahhhh..Makes one wanna get married.LOLLL.

And I love the first three pics!You hebat!XD

engtaukia said...

@annie - wanna ge married d hor? good goood.... i tink kelvin ready d. XD

..*AnNiE*.. said...

ready ur head lahhh.=.="

engtaukia said...

@annie = oops @.@

Gee said...

aiyaaa...all nice shots owh..can u teach me how to edit black n white pic like yours? m interested how u put in the other colors in a blck n white pic...awesome takes!

engtaukia said...

@Gee - thx ! jz use photoshop duplicate it and set it at grayscale at the 'image' tab above. then erase d part u wan.. =) got it?

alvink said...

so u have 2 blogs? damn nice weh this layout..

:+: 玫桦 :+: said...

the multimedia really nice.. wif the caption n credit to the song!!

engtaukia said...

@alvinnk - ye, juz don1 mixed up with those photos... LOL
u mean my other blog's layout not nice lor.. =.=

@meihwa - hahaz.. caption from the Bible. XD song, coz i don hav other song.. hahaz..

alvink said...

hahahahahhaha. depends.. :P but its much nicer than mine lar. hehehe

engtaukia said...

@alvink - no no.. everyone's oso unique.. i love ur tweet bird ther.. LOL

alvink said...

eh, sounds damn wrong. i love your twit bird there. hahahahahhahahaha

help me design my new layout lar? :P hahaha

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