which Canon camera to buy?

| Jun 24, 2010

camera come is sizes just like our underwear.

S [small], M [medium], and L [large]

we learn to wear our underwear just like how we learn to use the camera.
when we're small, we're quick learner and absorb very well just like IXUS camera, easy and user-friendly.

then, we tend to grow and get a larger underwear.
some people just couldn't fit in those large underwear as their waist are not large enough to fit in.
you got what i mean?
same to camera. they don't need the "larger" camera but they still buying it, ended up left it nowhere.

as for me, i got 2 sizes of underwear : S and L [IXUS and EOSDSLR]
why? S is for my own use whereas L is for when my waist got bigger after eat much. =.=

people nowadays tend to have something perfect, either in prices, specification and the sizes ! [in hokkien, be it cheap, great and nice] especially girl, who want it small and yet powerful ! hahaz..

yes, indeed you can have it that way as Canon has it - G-series and S-series, which they named it PowerShot !
both series fall into the M size ! 

in conclusion,

S = IXUS and M = PowerShot then L = EOSDSLR

but for some particular people, they have more patterns in choosing camera.
whenever they mentioned about more functions, they included the communication function.

and this has forced the technology to improve the phone's capability which turn out to be - camera phone!
if you ask me whether i have camera phone or not, i'll answer: "who don't have? =.= " as everyone has it !


have better budget and planning to buy a CAMERA phone?
i'll say NO !
at least go for the new Canon PowerShot A495, which only cost you RM399 ! =) [cheap and very high quality]
another thing, if you guys wanted to buy camera, you can bump to me or join Pixus Sdn Bhd Facebook Fan Page to ask as many questions as you could ! hehez..
Pixus Sdn. Bhd. is not only a camera dealer but they run roadshows / events all over the Peninsular Malaysia.
Btw, I'm Sarawakian ! ^^ ask me if you're Borneo kia.. hahaz..

Canon, delighting you always ! ^^

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vialentino said...

wow...bro...ur own company?

Victor Tan said...

Canon EOS 550D! If budget take 450D, good enuf edi xD

Jaerragus said...

Although I now ntg about cams... but nice post^^... can't help though..

jfook said...

I'm using Canon IXUS 120S

engtaukia said...

@vialentino - nolaa.. work under my bRO only.. haha

@victor - yea.. agree wif u ! ^^

@jae - don wori... soon u will.. hahaz..

@jfook - ixus is superb ! hahaz.. best amongs compact cams. XD

ajjah said...

im using sony, but i kinda like ixus too.. :)

v!vi@n said...

GET THE DSLR!!!! hahahahaha...i m kinda saving up for mine dslr...but still long way to go i think...LOL..i hope to get a canon 550D....

vialentino said...

oic okok...

engtaukia said...

@ajjah - camera are more or less like those shoe brands as well.. refer this - http://canon-mic.blogspot.com/2009/08/me-brands.html

sony, i like their shapes n style.. hahaz..

@vivian - ! yeah~ get DSLR.. 550D i heard now got ppl sell rm2500 plus another 50mm lens. @.@ wher u stay btw? =)

@vialentino - anything to ask bout camera, juz join the FB fan page.. =)

SuFang (Careen) said...

I like M size =) haha~ need a camera desperately but still planning for it.

engtaukia said...

@Fang - yea.. i like M size as well especially G10.. bt discontinued. @.@ good good.. canon M size is hebat.. hahaz.. u find powershot pro in canon website.. got a lot.

Yekaterina said...

what is better for holiday trip? slr or snap and shoot. i want to buy camera for thailand trip. what is good place. someone told me rapidu.com is the best place?

engtaukia said...

@Yekaterina - since u're female, i bet u ned one that is compact and yet hav d similar quality to the DSLR. wad i recommend would be d powershot S90 or G11 but if u wan a compact DSLR, u may go for Sony NEX-3 or NEX-5 bt it cost a lot. in d end, S90 is d most recommended with its low-aperture. =)

buy online is cheap because they don giv freebies like UV filter / extra batt/ screen protector/ mayb case/ warranty issue.

i would suggest u to go shop and see which has d most benefits. most of d time they adjust d price with those freebies. so, be wise. =)

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