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| Sep 11, 2010

recently, i went to Taiwan with nobody !

was at the end of the road coz my 400D is spoilt and not sure whether i can take nice photos or not.
my bRO can't help me much but lend me his IXUS860 as backup of my IXUS80 !
went there from 19 - 22 Sept ! AirAsia fly me there with a low-affordable price ! ^^

so, what can IXUS do with the help of tripod?

1st - self-potrait
2nd - great photos !

Dan Shui - where there's a night market as well with a great view of sunset !

somewhere nearby Taipei 101

the Kee Lung harbour - where photographers take photos of the eagles !

coincidently the night I reach Xin Dian, there's a fireworks event !

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k~^|n said...

Ixus kia...the photos very nice wei

engtaukia said...

@kelvin - very sad bout my 400D.. take good care of ur 450D ar... if not, both become ixus kias... haha

` Yi Han said...

I like the third picture, it is niceee :D

engtaukia said...

@yi han - u mean d traffic night flow or d day view? @.@

Jaerragus said...

Nice pics... the one with the fireworks was great...

engtaukia said...

@jaerragus - thankx ! ^^

Tony Wan said...

Great photos!

engtaukia said...

@tonywan - LOL.. thx ! am still a noobie.. haha

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