Canon PowerShot S95

| Nov 10, 2010

if you guys happened to be update with the Canon cameras, i am sure that you all heard about the superb f/2.0 yet it's a compact camera - Canon PowerShot S95 !

all that u need to know about this powerful PowerShot is its new HS System, Hybrid IS, High Dynamic Range mode (HDR) and HD movie with Stereo Sound ! for more info, find it out here.

apart from the low noise level at high ISO setting, it possess a great features !
and yet, this S95 is so stylish that it's flash is a pop-up type !

u saw the pop-up flash light? chio !

the new feature that i love the most - High Dynamic Range (HDR)

the above photo is taken using the HDR but was too busy that time, thus no proper photos have been taken.
there's another feature that i like the most - Fisheye !
this is because by using it, u can change everything, including the slimming and enlarging things !

this guys sure looked like he gym alot ! haha,,
from small size, u can make it extra  large !! haha..
for most of the Canon cameras, i always feel great with the color accent !

random band that doin the sound check for the incoming battle of the band !
one of the main purposes of s95 is the HD movie with stereo sound

this is one of the video i captured to test the HD at IT Rocks, Stadium Malawati

all these review, i'm not doing it for any Canon advertisement.
it's just to update my blog. haha...

anyway, camera review is done when i'm working part time for PIXUS Sdn. Bhd. during IT Rocks at Stadium Malawati.

if any of you out there want to find any part time job in camera world or buy any camera, just LIKE PIXUS FB fan page and tell them where you from and eventually they'll reply you coz PIXUS is doing event all over the Peninsular Malaysia ! (no working experience is needed but is preferable !)

Canon, Delighting You Always ! ^^

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mE Sekinchan & Teluk Intan

| Sep 21, 2010

that day, I went to Sekinchan and "accidently" proceed to Teluk Intan for a 2-days trip !

I was asking my coursemate, Way Kit whether he's willing to walk us around Sekinchan, then without any consideration, he said yes then @nikelkhor [coursemate + blogger] and Nicholas [not coursemate but secondary classmate =.=] come along without any proper preparations ! hahaz..

here's us in Sekinchan !

Nick, WayKit, mE & Nikel - all showing gay face =.=
then, he shows us around by motoring. >.<
no words I can describe the awesomeness of riding in Sekinchan ! 

paddy field in sekinchan where many photographers are doing the shootings here !

the gay them @ the sekinchan beach

handsome poser who are going for MensHealth front page soon !
sunset-ting = farmers are off from work 

after having fine seafood dinner where Sekinchan is well-known at, without any plan we headed to Teluk Sekinchan !

it's not the leaning tower of PISA but it's Teluk Intan's !

the night view of the leaning tower

stay overnight at the Angkosa Hotel - beside the Rapid Mall then had our best-known chee cheong fun, rojak & etc for breakfast !

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mE canon photomarathon 2010

| Sep 15, 2010

If you guys still remember that Canon held a photomarathon last year and it all went well with FREE Canon-shirt, Canon-cap and entry pass to Sunway Lagoon !

Canon Photomarathon 2009 - meet up with

this year, Canon is making it a bigger and better photomarathon !

see the below photo and guess !

EOS 1D Mark IV

Photo Clinic at Turkey
yes, you see it right ! they are giving out bombastic prizes that could pump ur heart out ! @.@
so, let's proceed to the event details rather than looking at the prizes !

this year, Canon is doing it all in Penang !

Venue: Tanjung City Marina, Penang
Date: 16th October 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 0900hrs - 1900hrs
*registration closed on 10 October 2010

differ than the previous photomarathon, only ONE category regardless of compact and DSLR.

besides, RM100 will be charged for the non-Canon user and FREE REGISTRATION for the Canon users !

so, what are you waiting for?

Canon, delighting you always !

*For more info about the photomarathon event, simply log on here.

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